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8609 days – my age [as in July 5, 007]
3333 days – no of days spent in Gandaki Boarding school
4.5 – no of years in pulchowk campus
6 days – no of days I bunk at least one of my classes in a week during my computer engineering (basically everyday)
6000 rps – amount i got as my first ever salary (internship at WDN Nepal)
9851092682 – My first cell number (Nepal Telecom – post paid mobile)
2 times – no of times i have been scolded by my teachers during my entire student life
27 days – no of days we were in tour of India during autumn 2006
46 – no of students in my class of 059BCT
5 – no of total female students out of 46
531 – my roll no in the class of 059BCT
499 – no of my facebook friends [July 1, 2010]
4 – my favorite academic position during my days in Gandaki Boarding School
473 – amount for each share I paid for my first shares (Nepal Bangladesh Bank)
87.8% – percent I scored in my SLC Exams
13 – no of days I finished teaching the semester course of computer networks in Himalayan engineering college
3 – is my Magic number
4.0 – My grade in first semester in Pamplin MBA
3 – Number of iPods I have bought so far
4 – Number of iPhones I have bought so far
19 – The day on November, my birthday, my engagement day too
2 – No of times I have read Paulo Cohelo’s ‘The Alchemist’ and its the no. of days it took me to finish the first time
4 – No of times I have to appear for visa interview at American Embassy before I could finally be approved (3 for my first time – rejected twice)
2 – No. of helicopters I have got.  Toy but its my favorite.
600 – No. of my Facebook frens [as of wFeb 15, 2011]
10.74 – The APR I got in my first ever loan (Car loan). I refinanced it within a couple of months to 4.24
3.7 – My final grades at graduation (MBA Virginia Tech)
14 – Maximum hours I have driven continuously (during our move from Virginia to Illinois Aug 2012)

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