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Me, Myself [Ram Krishna Wagle]

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About myself:
Typical things about me: I am full of energy, feisty, optimistic, pragmatic and extroverted (I try to be). But, really this may sound pretty boring and anyone could make a long list of idiosyncrasies and characteristics. I love to live, breathe and enjoy as everyone does (so this makes me normal). I wish to be incredibly sophisticated (I love to learn everything). I value my friends, my family and my freedom. And I believe, to really understand someone, you have to come to know what they value, stand for, and are passionate about.
I believe, being passionate about something you adore is the way of living.

My goal is simple: Live each day to its fullest and leave everything I touch better than it was before I arrived.

I love reading books: Almost anything (that’s the catch phrase of Waamax too). I haven’t written as much as I have wished (a difference between knowing a path and walking a path).

I was an Application Developer and Data Analyst (a fancy name for Software Developer) by profession and used work in an offshore software branch in Kathmandu (Bikalpa software). I graduated from VirginiaTech MBA program and now work as project manager for Hewlett-Packard (HP).

For me moving is living. I love to travel to exotic places and I feel guilty to say I haven’t explored the Himalayan kingdom to the fullest. But still I have been to lot places that’s bit more for a person my age from the country I am from (btw, I am from Nepal). Traveling is learning.

My alias is ‘waamax’. Almost all my frens call me ‘wagle’ (I am rarely called by my real name ‘Ram Krishna’). During my +2 days they made it even shorter to ‘waa’. All I did was to add ‘max’ to it.

I try to be very goal centered and my topic of interests includes business and computing. And I know the difference between my job and my career (hopefully they are the same)

I am good at sports (football, cricket , blah blah..) and I have no regrets of being more of a player than a student in my college life.

I love motor-biking (my suzuki gen) as I regard it not just a bike, but my freedom. I miss it terribly here at Blacksburg.

The greatest assets I have acquired in my life are my frens and I would love to keep discovering them.

I am a music fanatic. And ColdPlay was my idea =D

My wildest dreams include knowing everything under the sun, being a space tourist, touring all the countries of the world, and creating a world of my own (I don’t know exactly what that means). And I am a dreamer.

Most importantly, I want to be someone I would love to meet someday.

I love to live my life surrounded by the ones who love me. In fact this gives the meaning to my life and the reason for my living. Thanks everyone.

I wish everyone I know do well and progress in his/her life. Be blessed.

I believe in living each day doing one particular thing that scares me.
I had an awesome time living with some of my best frens in beautiful and close to nature Blacksburg.
Now I work at HP as Technology Consultant with some new amazing friends and life gets better everyday.

Life is Awesome.
Cheers to life!!

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November 4th, 2009 at 8:47 am

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  1. Nice outlook, it is supreme in many of its attributes!
    However, all encomium is followed by some criticism.
    Firstly, the constructive writing is great (creative and precise).
    Although you are an unimaginably talented student in fields both academic and non-academic, I think it is a little bit far-fetched to say you are incredibly sopishticated.
    Overall, however, it is a resplendent adumbration of yourself.

    Anupam Pokharel

    7 Aug 10 at 6:35 pm

  2. Point taken. Thanks.


    15 Aug 10 at 6:04 pm

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