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Choices – FedEx Vs UPS

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Business today – all boils down to how you can cater customer needs and how much above and beyond you can go to help them. But sometimes its just plain common sense and some business don’t get it at all.

I was leaving HP and in need to deliver the office laptop and rest of the stuffs back. As there is a FedEx facility within 3 mins of walking distance to my house that was the first place I went. The task was simple – use my company credit card to pay today to ship something by the end of this week (because I would need to use the card and its transactions to submit the shipping cost report using the laptop before being shipped and it would take couple of days for the transactions to appear in the system). FedEx was stubborn with – we can only charge at the time of shipment because our price changes multiple times per day based on the various factors. I get that and I explained my situation again. I even offered them a solution saying – i would pay you extra – let’s say 25% to cover your changing price or even name a price that would cover your downside. They stayed adamant that it’s against their policy. What I saw was – they were saying no to a customer who is even willing to pay higher to get the work done.

Frustrated I went to an UPS store – and with my experience with FedEx explained them my situation with as much details as i can and they were good with that right away. The front desk operator called the manager (as this was an one off request) but he was very open and understanding and we made it work within 10 mins. Work done.

And now that leaves a big imprint on my mind on choosing between these two shipping giants. I would always choose UPS to FedEx.

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March 30th, 2015 at 2:49 pm

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