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I was watching a week day game in English premier league (EPL) and also following a live football blog in BBC. I love this as you can follow the live action and at the same time got to know people’s thoughts and interactions on the game.

At one point one of the comments that caught my attention had a familiar name – when I said familiar I meant a Nepali name. I just got curious and search his name in Google and the first result showed his profile in Linked-in. I looked at his profile and saw we both worked in a similar field though he currently lives in England. So I sent him a request and he immediately accepted and I briefed him on how I came to know about him. We communicated back and forth for a while and this was all done before the game was over.

It’s amazing how well we are connected and how easy it is to explore the world and meet people all over the world.


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January 29th, 2014 at 9:24 pm

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