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Making sense of Big Data

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First of starting with a scale – You know how much is a Megabyte rights? Ok – a typical song is around 5 Megabytes

Kilobyte 10^3
Megabyte 10^6
Gigabyte 10^9
Terabyte 10^12
Petabyte 10^15
Exabyte 10^18
Zetabyte 10^21
Yottabyte 10^24

Laying the foundation so that we know how much data we are taking about. It gives us a sense of scale.

Now the data dimensions – volume, velocity, variety and veracity

So what’s big data – Big data is more than simply a matter of size; it is an opportunity to find insights in new and emerging types of data and content, to make your business more agile, and to answer questions that were previously considered beyond your reach.


more to follow…..

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February 22nd, 2013 at 10:27 pm

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