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The Directing Relater ("The Go-Getter")

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I’ve been involved in this “Leading project team” training this week. As a part of the assignment we have to complete few questionnaire that helps us to determine which personality category we fall (Part of the platinum rule – that’s what it is called). Based on that I got “The Directing Relater” – The Go Getter.

Here are the details. I would say 80% match to my personality.
You’re identified by your busy, industrious approach to tasks. Constantly active at work or at play, you’re driven and goal-oriented. With great energy, you set schedules, ensure that deadlines are met, and take a disciplined, step-by-step approach to getting things done.

Your tendencies include these:

enjoying being industrious; taking charge of tasks; eagerly and competitively diving into your work; breaking tasks down into parts and supervising closely those parts being done by others; being less comfortable with complex or multiple tasks; looking for concrete, short-term results, especially if they bring personal rewards or recognition; and becoming rigid and guarded when under pressure.

Your Growth Opportunities
With tasks: Directing Relaters can benefit by understanding more of the big picture. Make sure you are clear about a project before jumping in with your full energy. Retain the support of people who’ll be involved or affected by the work.

With people: While you like to do things yourself, you must learn to delegate more. You have a tendency to spread yourself too thin, so limit your involvement in less critical tasks.

Make sure you understand the overall goal and context before you jump headfirst into a task. Ask others to share their ideas on how to accomplish tasks and how to satisfy their expectations and yours. When making or implementing decisions, check with at least three to five other knowledgeable people to see if there’s a consensus. If you don’t find a pattern, widen the search.

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