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Toastmaster Project 3 – Get to the point

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Fellow toastmasters – i want to start my talk today with few questions. how many of you commute more than 30 mins everyday? more than an hour? how many of you enjoy the commute – i guess not much. I used to be like that. today i commute 20 mins every day but here in IT OPs i have few frens that communite upto 2 hrs everyday – i feel their pain
for most of the people its a mundane boring no gain – experience, even fustration and annoying experince which they are trying to get done asap
I used to do one hour commute in DC – multiple honks, people literally yelling and cursing and i used to react to that; everyone rushing to save couple of seconds while making themselves miserable, irritated and irrational along the way
my message today is – this can all be fixed; there don’t have to be something called miserable commute; 
Today – i calm my mind – and like pilot says – relax, take back ; and enjoy the ride. 
I am a big fan of zen habits and one of my favorite authors shared this story – how a guy in a bmw tried to huff and puff to gain few yardsa in between teh lanes; only to find him on his side on the other lane after couple of hours; he is furious at that point while the zen guru was all good and much leaned man
That had a big impact on me – not are we saving few minutes but also losing our control, losing our cool and being angry – and for me personally angry mind is the worst mind – because i can’t think and i can be creative and i can work with an angry mind
For me commute is one of the learning part of the day – ignore the hustle, ignore the traffic, ignore the rush – absolve yourself into deep learning – everyone can do that – we all have phone and data plan and that’s all we need. 
infotainment – not just entertainment for information as well – planet money, This american life, Frekonomics, comedy shows too
spotify – not just the song – put it in the discover mode -  discover weekly;
every commute is a new very different experience – and most importantly a fun experience;
something you look forward too – not as a pain part but as a fun part
for me learning during commute is kinda like my Third home – like starbucks – where you spent some quality time and have pleasant experience
And not just listening to podcast but this behavior change (more relaxed approach), i believe it has made me a more calmer person, a better listner and someone open to new things, more agile, someone who takes risks and look forward to new things in life. enrich your experiences, enrich your horizon and you will be a much interestign person for your peers to chat during social gatherings
So fellow toastmasters, that’s my message for you today – don’t fight the commute, make it a fun time to relax and ready to explore your mind while coming to work and more relaxed happy person back to home. Give it a try and will you a better person.And i will be really interested to hear back on your experiences and if there is any new interestign podcast you stumble into – let me know.
Thank you fellow toastmasters and happy commuting.

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